Heyoka Shamanism


A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.”

~ Chief Crazy Horse -Lakota Sioux



A Heyoka in the Native American culture is an ‘energetic’ healer who encompasses all of the sacred gifts from the Divine Creator (God). They often live in the shadows of society as they prefer to operate behind the scenes to heal and imbue their gifts upon others. They facilitate change within the chaos of life- creating a shift in the dynamics of another’s soul purpose to see the alternate paradigms in which they can live in order to heal themselves.

Heyoka’s have the ability to demonstrate an “outside the box thinking” through reflection of one’s shadow self as if looking into a Divine mirror of truth. This is known as one’s medicine which often times stirs up very raw emotions buried deep within the psyche and shows the chaos as an agent of change. This shamanic process reflects aspects of one’s true life’s purpose and destiny, and lights the path to enlightenment on a deep soul level.

A heyoka is thought to be more of a wildcard in the metaphysical world of healing as they are equally strong in all of their senses… not just one or two as is the norm in the metaphysical community. The Heyoka Shaman are gifted healers through working directly with the spirit world after their own sometimes very painful healing journey. They are given the ability and blessing from the Divine creator to use one’s own energetic vibrations and thought to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual  being. They restore light and wholeness with a clear sense of direction to those in need. The Heyoka Shaman is often revered as the most powerful Shamans within the tribal communities throughout history. Two historical Heyoka’s from the Lakota tribe are Black Elk and Crazy Horse.

Heyokas, have answered a calling to walk into the unknown with a strong faith that whatever they may endure is part of their destiny, and that if anything goes wrong, they have the ability to alter their course. They recognize impermanence, and that every move they take, whether positive or negative, leads to a lesson they need to learn.

The Heyoka is sometimes viewed externally, as an emotional trigger to encourage people to unearth deep, unhealed, and emotional wounds that they are unaware of. The healing ‘medicine’ of the Heyoka, is often one that has the ability to mirror the behavior of while bringing misplaced energy to the surface. Sometimes this will engage a person’s insecurities, flaws, faults, or weaknesses  to rise to the surface, allowing the opportunity to energetically transition to a place where they can absorb wisdom and healing energies. Their ability to sense heavy and destructive vibrations presents with the opportunity to transmute misplaced energy that is responsible for varying degrees of dysfunction. Therefore, this can sometimes feel disruptive during the discovery process but is executed with only the highest and greatest good for the individual (s). Transmuting energy can be very subtle over time or have a dramatic effect and can  alter the mood or atmosphere to one that is light and filled with vibrancy.

The Heyoka Shaman heals entirely without judgement. They often express themselves through a mindset of purely authentic self discovery while holding this space to compassionately wake a person up and jolt them out of their linear thinking. They extinguish the lines between darkness and light by embracing all of life’s ups and downs, recognizing that we are all a mixture of many experiences and personalities, and that none of us live “perfect” existences.

Their belief is that nobody is enlightened, as enlightenment is a journey, not a destination. They show us how we are all a teacher and student at the same time, and that none of us know everything—as soon as someone thinks they do, their mind becomes narrow, limited, or closed to learning.

Heyokas have an inherent, natural skill that allows them to evoke the greatest revelations and provide people with the opportunity to discover deep, personal, and ancient knowledge through the use of chaos and humor. They are spiritual teachers whose role on earth is to ruffle feathers and upset the status quo in order to aid humanity in understanding that their  higher purpose that isn’t always recognisable or instantly understood. This can often feel very disruptive. All that is required is for people to be steadfast in their awakening process so they can open themselves up to both their shamanic medicine and subsequent healing methods. They will then receive the opportunity to begin demolishing patterns of behaviors that no longer serve them, to abolish rigid mental structures, to question strict and silent social rules and regulations they have adapted to, and to fearlessly embrace and see the beauty in the unfamiliar and unexpected, while learning to accept all aspects of their unique, paradoxical personality.