Entering the Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey is a tool for spiritual growth. It is a method that involves achieving an altered state of consciousness similar to a trance or deep meditation, with the intention of unearthing the difficulties within life’s lessons and how to effectively manage, grow, and develop the skills necessary. The overall goal is to ultimately live a life that is in better alignment with the souls true destiny.

Shamans understand the true nature of healing at the most basic and fundamental level; including the myriad of emotions that prevent one from moving forward in their life.

There are many depths  and layers to a shaman,  thus various types of shamanic practices;  including a whole host of tools in which to practice the art of healing  the mind, body, spirit, and  soul of those who have set the intention.

For the purpose of this teaching we will center primarily on the true nature of a Shamanic journey as a fundamental method of intention based healing.

Many Shamans have encountered one or more near death experiences, have endured more permanent aspects of suffering and tragedy; which is often identified as the beginning of their true calling into Shamanism. The most utilized method by Shamans and Shamanic practitioners alike is the healing aspects of the Shamanic journey.

When a shaman enters into a shamanic journey for themselves, or for others before the initial session, they are transported into an altered state of consciousness. Here, within the journey, the Shaman is led to causative factors of disturbances or imbalances, as well as how to most efficiently approach healing. This evolves from  aspects embracing the physical body, and is expands to the depths of  profound Spiritual growth and healing.

Beginners in the Shamanic journey process often describe their  journey as a deep meditation; while some experience a trancelike state. They  are able to access information within the recesses of their mind that will illuminate their reasons for seeking help. This method is performed with an experienced Shaman who elicits the help and information from specific Spiritual teachers as well as shamanic totems, Spirit animals, and Shamanic Elders.

The journey is most characteristically noted by the use  of drums and rattles, and uses guided imagery to enter in to and out of the journey. While many experience a subtle trance like state, they are fully conscious and in control the entire time. It is a common misconception among beginners that a shamanic journey entails an out of body experience. I can assure you, that you are lucid enough to exit your journey (though not recommended) at any given time.

This in no way resembles a hypnotic state, as with light hypnosis, there are varying degrees of trance and meditation. The same holds true for the Shamanic journey process.  Some are able to release there inhibitions enough to effectively enter into their journey without cause or difficulty, while others encounter a normal sensation of needing to fight the process known as push back. This is quite normal, and often decreases with each subsequent journey.

The purpose of exploring a personal Shamanic journey varies from person to person. Reasoning is largely irrelevant. Intention is paramount. Human beings, as a general rule, live in a state of disturbance at the most fundamental level. The quest for knowledge  and deep Spiritual healing of the body, mind, spirit and soul is not out of the ordinary.

Their process is as unique as they are. It involves connecting to those within their Spiritual team made up of Shamanic guardians, healers, totems, and teachers, brought forward by the Shaman and his/her Shamanic Elders. Goals are also rather irrelevant, as your team of Spiritual Elders both know and understand you at the souls level.

When beginners meet their team in the first few shamanic journeys, they feel an almost magnetic attraction to the primary elder that assists in their process. This has to due with the souls ability to recognize other souls they are connect to. This souls energetic aspects aid and assist in the manner of healing which is best identified for individualized concerns.  This is done through the process of communicating within the Spiritual dimension in various ways, that is most appropriate for the spirit and also the soul at the stage of life they are in at the present. Each subsequent journey is unique, and can often unearth a deeper level of healing, including the reveal of deeper roots to the developed imbalance.

A Shamanic journey when utilized with the intention of healing is an effective method to restructure and align as well as learn about life, it’s lessons and how to heal from from a deeply profound level.
As a Shaman, I have witnessed a deep understanding of the journey of the soul and am humbled and honored to be gifted with this ability. At the very minimum, it acts as a method of self discovery, and at the extreme it is the beginning of profound Spiritual connection, healing and recovery. It is both an art and the heart of intention based healing to better equip you with life, growth and resistance to change.