Understanding  and developing your intuitive abilities requires an individual understanding in energy discernment as well as how to incorporate these abilities in your day to day life. There is a great deal of misinformation that is disruptive to the truth about the afterlife and can often derail your souls true journey. Each person’s abilities are  unique  and specific to the individual. Because of this, you will notice your abilities are nothing like someone else’s, and vice versa. There is a huge misperception that is typically marketed online touting skill development is one size fits all. This is a disservice to those trying to learn, understand and develop their skills. As such, your abilities are gifts from God that must truly be unraveled and understood in order to develop as intended.

Each path is as unique as their soul’s journey. No two are alike. Some will be led toward channeling and psychic mediumship, while others will find resonance in the shamanic arts. Additionally, you may find yourself drawn to pursue a career as a practitioner of the healing arts.

Sessions are done in person or remotely via an online platform.

We will meet for 60 minutes per month with extensive instruction, reading  suggestions, meditations, writings, and assignments that are specific to your development. Each session is channeled by the your Elders in Spirit (Arch Angels, Angels, Evolved spirit guides and mentors), including your higher self (aka your soul).

If you are a current practitioner of the healing arts, or looking to develop with this intention in mind; you will receive ongoing support for your practice, business development and growth and understanding and utilizing guidance to advance your skill set. You will also have access for questions that arise during the month through the facebook secret mentoring group with bi monthly teachings on topics of interest.

If you are unsure where to begin, we offer:

  • 3 month introductory e-series
  • 6 month mentorship
  • 1 year all inclusive mentorship
  • Shamanic divination mentorship