Medical Intuitive reading involves a total of 3 readings done remotely and by email.

Session 1 delivers the findings of your personalized scan at lasts for 60 minutes. Fully detailed reading given with specific remedies and recommendations.

Session 2 is approximately 2 weeks after the initial reading and is a follow up to answer specific questions about the reading or the remedies and recommendations. This session is approximately 30-45 minutes.

Session 3 is to follow up with changes, challenges and answer any questions. This appointment is approximately 30 minutes.

You will be asked to complete a waiver and demographic assessment so I can provide you with this reading as it pertains to pertinent and specific information and ensures your confidentiality. One I have your permission and the first appointment is scheduled, I will spend approximately 3 hours on specified days and times  leading up to the initial appointment remotely to discuss findings.

Should you have any questions about receiving a medical intuitive reading, or would like to schedule an appointment,please contact me via email.