Rogue Warrior Fitness & Nutrition


“Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride”

~ Anthony Bourdain



We are all warriors in our own right. The circumstances of nearly everyone’s life on this planet puts us on a path of ups and downs and sometimes we lose sight of who we are and the things that can help us to live a life worth living. Life has a way of getting us down at one time or another albeit something minor that derails our goals temporarily, or something major that presents with a huge setback.

Our ‘gut’ is often referred to as the “second brain” because when we eat in a way that is to our detriment everything else is affected; our thinking, our sleep, bad habits ensue and list continues on with things that are destructive to us. It takes a great deal of intestinal fortitude to pull ourselves out of the rabbit hole we have gotten lost in.

Not everyone was born with great genetics, perfect flexibility or unwavering strength and self control. Some of us have to endure suffering, discomfort and struggle to get on the other side of it all.


All guts, no glory

This is why I call it Rogue Warrior fitness and nutrition. Transformation is a metamorphosis in our thinking and our behavior, and in order to get to the transformation process, it takes a lot of guts with very little glory. It requires a different approach to thinking about our personal health and visualizing where it is we truly want to be, including how we wish to feel about ourselves internally and externally. Often times this is easier said than done and takes a rogue warrior mentality to simply take the first step towards change.

Making these changes is where nutrition support and fitness comes in. When it comes to health and wellness, my approach is simple: Acknowledgement, visualisation, adaptation and overcoming.

Through these 4 basic principles, you will develop a lifestyle that you are both happy with and about and an added bonus is that you will feel better. You will have a better understanding or how your body works and responds to life on life’s terms and the core integration will be holistic and conducive to wellness.



I focus on the individual in order create a plan that is specific to your body type, your health needs, and your goals for wellness. I will empower you to make the choices best suited for your needs with the right approach. Not only will you begin to feel the difference in your health, you will reap the benefits of a lifestyle with holistic health as the common denominator.

When you choose to work with the body you are currently in, you will progress farther and faster than trying to adapt a lifestyle of healthy living that does not resonate with you.

Not everything is one size fits all. You will receive education around the foods and fitness that works with you and your lifestyle while still achieving your goals.