Sensual Bath for Skin Loving Luxury

While there are many herbal blends, essential oils and other additives to put in your bath, sometimes the simple ancestral ways are the most effective, and can be found right in your own kitchen. Baths are both healing and relaxing while rejuvenating the body, the senses and have the added benefit of skin health.

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, people get wrapped up in the hype of the day. This luxurious bath is something our ancestors did on a regular basis to care for their hard working bodies to restore their skin and heal problem areas. This bath that is filled with ancestral wisdom , and self love will treat your body, mind and spirit regardless of the time of year.


2 cups Buttermilk either liquid or powdered

¼ cup honey

¼-½ cup cornstarch

2 cups oats placed in a large muslin tea bag or a simple thin sock will do- tied off so the contents stay inside.

2 cup epsom salt.

Place all items in the bath as the water is running with the temperature to your tolerance.

Soak (uninterrupted) for at least 30 minutes.


For added luxury, you can add your favorite essential oils and/or grind dried rose and lavender and place with the oats . This will relax, calm and heal problem areas of the skin, while the buttermilk and cornstarch soothes and comforts, leaving your skin, soft and silky. The honey is antibacterial and contains moisturizing skin benefits for face and body.

Light a scented candle or diffuse essential oils and dim the lights for added ambiance. Treat yourself to your favorite glass of wine or herbal tea while you soak, and play soft relaxing music so you can leave your stress behind and spend 30 minutes simply taking care of YOU.

While baths with loose flower petals looks appealing, it is not very realistic and it can make the tub a mess to clean afterwards. When the bath is drawn as the recipe indicates , it is safe for your plumbing, septic, and the tub is easily rinsed clean.


Pamper yourself as often as you like. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you!

Happy Valentine’s day to all!