The Path of Awakening

I often get emails inquiring about personal development of communication with Spiritual beings and quandaries of Spiritual guidance identification from sentient beings.

While it is true that everyone has intuitive abilities, how and when (if ever) they develop are as unique as fingerprints. This is a source of frustration for many that are on the path to a personal awakening and have no one to help them understand key components to their personal development. There are those too who are at the beginning of their Spiritual journey which is often call a spiritual awakening.

The definition of a spiritual awakening is:  a quest for knowledge. That’s it.

Many experience unexplained feelings, events or emotions as part of their initial awakening process. What is done in terms of growth and the lessons  learned during those particular moments, have a tremendous impact on a spiritual awakening and continued intuitive development.

The process of growth often is stumbled upon without forewarning and the transformational process is dependent upon the individuals willingness to grow and develop at a pace that is not of their choosing.  Not everyone has the patience, the ability to be self aware, or even spiritually aware during times of chaos and stress. In some people, their lifestyle simply is not conducive to living a life with the added responsibility of  being spiritually intuitive.

For some, it is too far beyond their ability to comprehend and fathom a life of this nature. Others want all of their gifts to be completely open right away, without giving it a second thought as to the necessary components of living a gifted life. It’s not easy and it demands patience, a willingness to learn and often times the flexibility to develop new dynamics and thought processes.

Some people going through the awakening process are incapable of admitting there is a Divine existence other than the capacity of a human being. Their tangible belief systems are disruptive to developing and understanding that not everything can be explained away with tangible proof. Furthermore, they struggle with the concept of being singled out by the Divine Creator (I choose to call God). The thought of being chosen to engage in a life of Spiritual growth as one of His messengers  is often overwhelming and quickly dismissed. It is too great a feat for them at that particular moment.

Human beings, in general, lack the capacity to articulate an existence other than their own which makes it challenging when faced with  a tempered aspect of the Divine, let alone the full capacity of Him and His role in life as we know it.

Not everyone has the ability to embrace The Truth, as it presents itself in some of the most unorthodox of ways. People often choose the safer route and begin searching for the tangible within the intangible. This is the opposite of faith and stands in clear view of pessimism. The skeptic and pessimist will stand on the outside, while trying to look in, and will subsequently struggle with their hunger for answers to their existence.

For it is through the eyes of fear and an unwillingness to ascertain an existence, that is anything other than tangible.

The opposite of Faith is Fear

There is a great deal of controversy as to God’s existence, His creation of life, and of other dimensions including Archangels, Angels, and the Spirit world respectively.

There is an even greater controversy about good vs. evil, Heaven and Hell, as well as Lucifer and evil spirits.

We will discuss this in greater detail in future posts as these topics should not be glossed over and delved into deeply as they are extremes in energy and should be reviewed in depth and detail.

So the question becomes “how do I know exactly who is guiding me?”

We each have a spiritual team to Lead, guide, direct, touch, and heal

Each person incarnates into a human body with a team of sentient beings that lead, guide, direct, touch and heal, without any interaction from the human being whatsoever. Each person has at least 3 Guardian Angels, an archangel that oversees the life, a number of biological influences i.e descendants from familial lineages, Angels and Spirit guides as well as a multitude of teachers at various phases and stages of his/her life.

This is what I call your Spiritual team of Light beings.

The first educational platform that I teach in spiritual awareness and intuitive development, is one that is often overlooked; known as discernment. This is crucial to personal intuition and development of any spiritual,psychic, mediumship or channeling abilities.

Discernment is the ability to trust in your spiritual team while learning the different energies that exist in the afterlife and how these energies can benefit, including ways certain malevolent energies can manipulate and cause undue harm without provocation.

To give an example; Buddha was originally named Siddartha Gautama, and he lived a life of privilege until the age of 29. He  was kept under lock and key of his Fathers palace who was King Suddhodana, leader of the Shakya clan. The King aspired to have his son take his place upon his death.

Siddhartha wanted for nothing, and prior to the age of 29 he never left the palace. During an excursion outside the palace walls with a servant, he saw things that caused him to think. He never saw poverty, witnessed suffering of any kind, and never truly understood what it meant to die or grieve, as well as many other disturbing sights. Because of this, and the fact that he was not willing to rule as King when his father chose to step down, Buddha left home in the cloak of  night.

He set out to understand human suffering, understand his fears and face them, embrace his faith, and eventually become the enlightened one, which translates to Buddha.

Buddha quickly learned to discern the energy of both human and spirit alike. He suffered tremendously in the process and during one poignant stage of his quest, he was moments away from death. He began to realize the lessons in all of life. His and the life of others. He understood freewill and how to endure trauma and suffering without dying. He understood the world and all its inhabitants to be sick and experiencing suffering of varying degrees. He realized the predictability in the plight of others and the role free will played in those  ruled by materialistic means and worldly methods.

Buddha became adept at discerning the energy of good ( light) vs evil  (dark). He embraced the presence of being one with the Divine Universe, the Divine that was present in him, and the Divinity in all of creation.

Through discernment and spiritual guidance, Siddhartha overcame his fears, he understood who he was as a spiritual being, and achieved a state of enlightenment after a 6 year awakening and quest for knowledge.

With a plethora of information throughout the world wide web, social media platforms, newsletters, blogs and youtube to name a few; it’s no wonder people are more confused than ever before about how to identify a spiritual awakening and tout that everything from having an off day to repeating numbers means that you are in the throws of your Spiritual journey.

It is true, that when the student is ready the teacher appears. A metaphor that essentially means, you may reach a moment in your life when you are more susceptible than other times to receive overt guidance. This can be due to a major life event, a trauma or tragedy, childbirth, or a near death experience. Anything that seems cataclysmic to the psyche whether or not you identify it as such, has been known to bring someone to a greater level of understanding and a subsequent quest for knowledge. There are others who came to understand their gifts as early as the primary years and know no other life than one that interacts with sentient beings and those in alternate dimensions.

While it may be attractive  and enticing to explore energy within the afterlife dimensions, many fall prey to those that promise ironclad, quick and easy methods to develop your ability to communicate with those who have passed on.

Intuitive abilities develop over time, with direction, spiritual guidance and  a personal relationship with transparency and your primary Spirit guide.

This is necessary to grow, develop and understand energy. The awakening process and subsequent transformation has the potential to be cunning, baffling, and powerful. It calls for rigorous honesty, the ability to be lead by your Spiritual team, and the development of trust with those who lead, guide,direct, touch and heal.

It is often laced with challenges, and inevitably a lesson in Faith for those open to it, as well as tremendous growth, personal change, and transformation.

Your gifts as they develop are as unique and individual as your own personal fingerprint. There is no short cut or quick method that is full proof, lasting or substantial for anyone; though with practice your gifts will become easier to call upon and access true guidance.

There are those that were born with intuitive gifts, while others  became aware of them later in life or after a specific event as mentioned earlier.

Regardless of where in the spectrum you are, or the level in which you are progressing; discernment is a major component to achieving the ability to understand energy in personal, Spiritual and Universal dimensions.