TRUTH vs truth

TRUTH vs truth

Written by: Rebecca McIntyre
Heyoka Life
January 6,2020

I get asked rather frequently how I understand the information I receive is truth and not some malevolent soul parading around pretending to be evolved or eternal.
The long and short of it: this was a lesson that was extremely difficult to grasp.

I have learned many, if not all, of my lessons the hard way. Nobody ever pointed me in the right direction, nor did anyone ever tell me that the souls infiltrating my life did not have my best interest at heart. Not one person ever stopped me and said’ “hey Becky… straight up, you’re being misled” . My question at this point was, ” why not, what’s wrong with ME”? While hindsight does not equate to 20/20 vision in this regard; I feel relatively confident that if someone chose to intervene in this way, I would have approached it from a standpoint of trying to understand retrospectively, as well as introspectively. So the next question you are probably asking is “Where in the world were your spirit guides, your guardians, and your soul when this was happening”? Some might even ask where God was in helping you during this time??

This is a difficult question to answer but it’s summary is this: they were with me the entire time. Even God. For all sentient beings are of God.
I realize that not everyone calls God by His name- some call Him a higher power, some call Him the name their religion or culture denotes, but the truth of the matter is, there is but one God regardless of how you acknowledge Him (if at all).

The souls that worked with me afforded me the space to grow and expand; not just my consciousness, but rather, all of my abilities. They stood by me and led me in the right direction so I could first transform, and second, learn to discern energy. Everything else was secondary. These are some of the toughest lessons anyone can learn, regardless of whether or not they have spiritual abilities.
The Divine souls that have always been with me encouraged me (silently)  to follow my own intuition as to what I thought was “the truth”. Sometimes my take on a subject  was completely spot on; but often times, they would let the subject ride as long as it wasn’t a matter of safety until a later date. When this happened, I was spoken to about the topic at hand and re-directed. This process went on for quite a while as I remember. I became frustrated, sad, self-deprecating, even angry. I turned the other cheek as much and as long as I could and finally decided to work up the nerve to “ have it out “ with a few of them. This still humbles me to this day, but also makes me laugh in reflection. At the time when this was happening, I did not view this as funny whatsoever. I said to 3 of my primary guides on quite a few occasions “ IF I CAN’T TRUST YOU, THEN HOW IS IT YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN?‼! This is just one of the things I cried out loud about. It all centered around my explicit need to trust and know the truth. If you think this stopped after yelling, blubbering and carrying on, you are dead wrong!
When they spoke to me, I listened. When they presented things in my life that needed attention; again, I listened and worked through all of the events in my life that I found to be sticking points to personal growth, skill expansion and understanding.
When they presented me with concepts that were foreign to me, I used them to transform my life and relinquish (not just release) that which was necessary. I tried to be perfect in every way so I could help and heal myself and further develop my abilities. This is an important one: there is no such thing as complete perfection. Everyone views mistakes as weakness, but mistakes are corrective, not coercive.
Imagine my frustration when I finally realized that a lot of the metaphysical concepts I was told at certain junctures of my development were completely false! These were things that had to do with my personal skill development and the understanding of higher consciousness and dimensional topics. I was often approached by souls claiming to be a “spirit guide” when in actuality, they were malevolent souls doing everything in their power to deceive me and coerce me into following something other than the truth. I was rather young when this was happening, and had nobody to bounce things off of. I was raised in a religious family and knew how my abilities were perceived by family members, so the thought of exposing myself even further to others was simply not happening.

Nobody ever talks about discernment in the metaphysical community. They will say things to you such as “evil doesn’t really exist”, or “demons can’t be bothered with you”, or perhaps my all-time favorite; “your light is too bright and therefore they will never bother you” . ….What??‼ No‼ just say NO‼ Please stop the madness‼
I could go on ad nauseum about this with one example after another. At some point, I started fighting back in ways I didn’t even really realize I was doing. This brings us full circle back to the truth and the Divine souls that actually do work with me. They brought me to a place of understanding and THE Truth, not just truth or variants of it. They brought me to a place of acknowledgement and growth without judgement. They systematically took the lies I had yet to discover at the time, and replaced them with God’s truth, and helped me to identify His path for me. They showed me all of the malevolent souls that were pretenders in my life and asked me what it was about them that made me think they were sentient beings? They taught me that the “truth” is frequently subjective, but THE TRUTH is always objective.
This was a bitter pill to swallow. My first thoughts were “what??‼” …with several expletives attached. I was angry at those souls who took me for a chump and quickly proceeded in making a list of each and every one of them in the event that I somehow die; they would be the first asses I kicked… F#@k forgiveness‼.. I sought blood sacrifices and nothing less would do. I then proceeded to ask God and Jesus respectively to resurrect those m’thr f’ers like Lazarus so I could kick their ass into eternity.
Hopefully my humor is not offensive to anyone reading.
This was one of many lessons I have learned in my life gifted with abilities. Discernment of energy has always been first and foremost in everything I embark upon, as I truly understand what it means to be deceived. I have had the blessing of experience to light my path in working with my gifts.

I have had the opportunity to work with numerous individuals who come to me at the onset of their abilities and it has been a blessing to see their growth personally and professionally in life and with their development. There are those too, that I have had the pleasure of working with that would rather rebuke THE TRUTH and are quickly angered by it, while they seek solace in selective aspects of truth and even lies because it’s comfortable. To reiterate, truth is subjective, while THE TRUTH is completely objective.
When people have been misled, there is sometimes a knee-jerk reaction to prevent embracing The Truth. This usually happens at a stage of their development where they have met a fork in the road. They are under the influence of subjective truth, while being in a sit down conversation with THE TRUTH; and their instinct is closely akin to Stockholm syndrome. They would rather fight with the objective nature of the whole truth and stay blissfully ignorant in subjective truth because it’s what they know. It’s what’s comfortable to them and what they are viewing as their foundation.

There is always a deeper level in which a concept can be explored. When this happens, certain aspects of the original concept are discarded and more expansive knowledge is placed in its stead. This is far easier said than done, and requires the willingness for complete objectivity and unattachment. When faced with the complete unadulterated truth pertaining to abilities and gifts, some would rather run from it , rather than sit with it without reacting. This impulse only shows that you are human and is in no way meant as derogatory.
People often tell me that they are ready to transform their life, they are ready to dig deep and make lasting changes. They tell me that they only want to hear the truth; yet inevitably, they perceive the truth as something to stand up and fight against and fear regardless of what it is. This is where I tell the person they are in no way being forced to believe in something they don’t wish or believe. Inevitably, this too is met with the same resistance. This is the human mind connecting with their soul, as well as the soul(s) feeding the person with false information. The result is a tug o’ war between light and dark that feels nothing short of a throat punch, and this has been going on since the first earth age.
The human being inevitably will not refute the premise of good vs evil (though some do),but what if all you have been taught up to a certain point were lies? What if the souls you trusted were none other than wolves in sheep’s clothing? I suppose you could throw up your hands and rebuke both the truth and the lies, tell your soul to go screw , and tell each and every soul- regardless of who they are or aren’t to back off and leave on the same horse they rode in on, but this is highly unlikely. People on a true path of discovery are going to be deceived. It’s similar to having to go to bootcamp when one joins the military.
Bootcamp trains people to understand the concept of freedom and the necessary attributes of defending their Country, the core values of their branch, the premise of peace and the ability to battle in the event of a war on both foreign and domestic soil.
Some will never question a soldier or their enlistment into the armed forces ,while others will argue, will act defiantly towards them for protecting their freedoms; and as history denotes, will view them as social rejects or people without intelligence. I have experienced this first hand as a Veteran of the armed forces.
Some people, while embarking upon their spiritual journey will never question the information they get from the souls that work with them. They don’t practice discernment, and often become complacent with their own growth and expansion. They believe what they believe and nothing else. While their views are limited, it’s important to understand there is usually no malice or ill intent with the information they pass on through various methods. The information that is out on the internet and in books, as well as famous speakers, is puzzling to me as so much of it is misleading. People will watch a particular person on youtube, and the masses flock to their words as if they are the Messiah. They read books on spiritual development that are completely void of truth, while others will write articles that are not wrong but rather an incomplete overview. When I see things like this, I realize that not everyone wants to hear or believe the truth as it is intended from God and ALL of His Divine messengers.
Instead, they find a comfortable seat on the Isle of denial, and ignorance is seemly bliss. As Thomas Gray has been quoted numerous times (incorrectly), ignorance is bliss and I have posted his poem that defines his true statement about ignorance at the end of the article. Simply stated, ignorance is definitely NOT bliss. That which is comfortable is not bliss. I realize that in my life, everything (even deceit) has had a purpose. People will either run toward the truth or they will run away from the truth. The middle ground is a path that some choose because it feels good and safe and doesn’t rock the boat.
If the truth is having an argument with a lie, who do you think will win? The truth never worries about being questioned, but lies provoke fear and create chaos and confusion. The truth will keep you grounded while lies will keep you guessing. The truth will resonate deep within your soul which teaches discernment, strengthens your intuition, and supports you in your quest for knowledge.

Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College

Ye distant spires, ye antique tow’rs,
That crown the wat’ry glade,
Where grateful Science still adores
Her Henry’s holy Shade;
And ye, that from the stately brow
Of Windsor’s heights th’ expanse below
Of grove, of lawn, of mead survey,
Whose turf, whose shade, whose flowr’s among
Wanders the hoary Thames along
His silver-winding way.

Ah, happy hills, ah, pleasing shade,
Ah, fields belov’d in vain,
Where once my careless childhood stray’d,
A stranger yet to pain!
I feel the gales, that from ye blow,
A momentary bliss bestow,
As waving fresh their gladsome wing,
My weary soul they seem to soothe,
And, redolent of joy and youth,
To breathe a second spring.

Say, Father Thames, for thou hast seen
Full many a sprightly race
Disporting on thy margent green
The paths of pleasure trace,
Who foremost now delight to cleave
With pliant arm thy glassy wave?
The captive linnet which enthrall?
What idle progeny succeed
To chase the rolling circle’s speed,
Or urge the flying ball?

While some on earnest business bent
Their murm’ring labours ply
‘Gainst graver hours, that bring constraint
To sweeten liberty:
Some bold adventurers disdain
The limits of their little reign,
And unknown regions dare descry:
Still as they run they look behind,

They hear a voice in ev’ry wind,
And snatch a fearful joy.

Gay hope is theirs by fancy fed,
Less pleasing when possest;
The tear forgot as soon as shed,
The sunshine of the breast:
Theirs buxom health of rosy hue,
Wild wit, invention ever-new,
And lively cheer of vigour born;
The thoughtless day, the easy night,
The spirits pure, the slumbers light,
That fly th’ approach of morn.

Alas, regardless of their doom,
The little victims play!
No sense have they of ills to come,
Nor care beyond to-day:
Yet see how all around ’em wait
The ministers of human fate,
And black Misfortune’s baleful train!
Ah, show them where in ambush stand
To seize their prey the murth’rous band!
Ah, tell them they are men!

These shall the fury Passions tear,
The vultures of the mind
Disdainful Anger, pallid Fear,
And Shame that skulks behind;
Or pining Love shall waste their youth,
Or Jealousy with rankling tooth,
That inly gnaws the secret heart,
And Envy wan, and faded Care,
Grim-visag’d comfortless Despair,
And Sorrow’s piercing dart.

Ambition this shall tempt to rise,
Then whirl the wretch from high,
To bitter Scorn a sacrifice,
And grinning Infamy.
The stings of Falsehood those shall try,
And hard Unkindness’ alter’d eye,
That mocks the tear it forc’d to flow;
And keen Remorse with blood defil’d,
And moody Madness laughing wild
Amid severest woe.

Lo, in the vale of years beneath
A griesly troop are seen,
The painful family of Death,
More hideous than their Queen:
This racks the joints, this fires the veins,
That ev’ry labouring sinew strains,
Those in the deeper vitals rage:
Lo, Poverty, to fill the band,
That numbs the soul with icy hand,
And slow-consuming Age.

To each his suff’rings: all are men,
Condemn’d alike to groan,
The tender for another’s pain;
Th’ unfeeling for his own.
Yet ah! why should they know their fate?
Since sorrow never comes too late,
And happiness too swiftly flies.
Thought would destroy their paradise.
No more; where ignorance is bliss,
‘Tis folly to be wise.