Types of Yoga

Warrior’s Soul Yoga is dedicated to creating an understanding of Yoga that is easy for everyone to learn. To help create this learning environment, we’re providing our readers and beginners with some insight into the differences between types of yoga practices.


Bikram Yoga – This type of yoga is also referred to as “hot yoga.” The practice room will typically be heated to 105°, with a humidity of 40%.  Your sequence consists of 26 poses, each one being repeated once.

Kundalini Yoga – This type of yoga features constant movement. The idea is that you figure out how your body works with each pose, and hold them for an extended amount of time. It’s a very gentle form of yoga that resembles meditation.

Vinyasa / Power Yoga – This style of yoga is much more athletic. It is more of a westernized yoga, where the practice is loose in it’s interpretation. The flow will vary from teacher to teacher.

Hatha Yoga – This style of practice is much more physical. It encompasses all forms of yoga. It’s a classic style that focuses on breathing, and your typical approach to yoga.

Prenatal Yoga – This style of yoga focuses on poses for the mom-to-be. It will help keep stretching muscles strong throughout the pregnancy, and help to get in better shape post pregnancy.

Continuing to learn about yoga will help you to gain the confidence in dedicating yourself to a home practice. You can attend a fully functional yoga class remotely in the privacy of your own home while deepening your understanding of asana.