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“Home is where the heart is”

~ Pliny the Elder



Unruly Mystic Herbal Co.

The Unruly Mystic Herbal Co. offers services and products with intention of Healing through nature, nutrition, plants and herbal resources.

Though the true Unruly Mystic was known as St. Hildegard von Bingen, I have focused my methods of

intention based healing from her philosophies and texts.

Herbalism has been around since the beginning of time itself. Cultivating gardens, grown herbs and flowers and understanding the medicinal actions and energetics of plant is really just the beginning of what an herbalist can do.

Why I became an herbalist

My journey into becoming a qualified herbalist is one that encompassed finding methods and ways of healing myself long before I branched out into helping others.

My own journey of discovery for my personal health was largely trial and error which involved spending my hard earned time and money on gimmicks and methods that were by and large ineffective.

I am trained and certified in many holistic modalities for health and wellness, that treats the whole person and creates a shift in order to balance the Body, the mind, and the spirit simultaneously. This fosters a union between making lasting health changes and incorporating these changes is day to day life. This mentality, time and time again, has proven to yield the best possible outcomes for those with intention based healing at the forefront.

I am trained as a classic Western herbalist, though I have developed a more eclectic approach combining Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Eastern philosophies in my studies as an herbalist.

My personal experiences led me into studying other forms of herbalism across the globe and it’s evolvement through time.

I have developed a unique style to a multi faceted holistic approach without shifting my focus from the masterful time trodden methods that yields results. In order to understand the inner and outer workings of what I refer to as the human condition, I embarked upon a classical training in health care of the Western culture and then started my formal education in the Eastern and European principles of integrative health and wellness and Western herbalism.

Medice, cura te ipsum

(“Physician, Heal thyself “)… While I am not a physician, we must all learn to heal ourselves in a way that can endure the challenges of life.

The human body has remarkable abilities of knowing how to heal itself if placed in the right environment.

Herbalism works gradually over time and this is perhaps the biggest misconception of herbalism and fools the skeptics into dismissing the powerful medicine that herbalism holds. Those who are looking for a quick fix, unfortunately lack the understanding of the inner working of herbalism and the mechanism of creating wellness through the human being as a singular entity.

Each system of the human body is a well oiled machine and when one area is off kilter or there is a breakdown in cell communication, the other areas rush to it’s aid creating even further imbalances. While the Western culture and allopathic medicines treat the symptoms by and large and crosses their fingers it will eventually get to a root cause and somehow bring about homeostasis; herbalism looks at the whole being as a structural unit that includes the major and minor systems to function.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.”

~ General George S. Patton

To provide a concrete parallel; the Military has specific jobs within every MOS, and they function together like a well oiled, combat ready machine. Some are on the front lines, the weaker systems are in the middle and often times the true strength and leadership brings up the rear. In this regard, the weakest in their skillsets or bodily strength are systematically reinforced, which gives rise to the weak  becoming equally strong in their duties.

In a similar way, herbalism acts to restore strength to the weak, surrounds the endangered, and destroys the enemy. This is a primitive concept that helps the body, mind and spirit to adapt, endure, and overcome. The object of this holistically based dynamic is to restore peace, balance and harmony creating a hopeful cohesive union with full circle wellness.

If there is an attack or intrusion, the herbal remedies and plant constituents line up to fortify the cellular matrix of the human body in primary, secondary, and sometimes tertiary area. Some herbs are symptom directed and best taken for shorter periods at more frequent intervals; while the other herbs are taken for longer periods of time to create an environment where the body can adapt, overcome, and  even alter the systemic disposition in the body causing difficulty. I refer to herbal remedies of this nature as the herbal infantry.

These are the herbs that are the the first to go in and take charge. They seek, find, and respond to wherever necessary and uses whatever force is needed to get the the job done.

This allows the body to return to balance holistically and naturally, while stabilizing and destroying destructive pathogens within the entire cellular matrix. The goal is to restore harmony and balance in the most effective, natural, way that supports the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.

Organicity, compliance factors, and timeliness, are some of the factors which can (not always) lend to a less than optimal prognosis, but many systemic maladies can be effectively managed holistically with success through nutrition and clinical herbalism.

General  George S.Patton is famous for saying many things; a quote that depicts the action of Western medicine compared to herbalism is a quote he made about thinking:  ” If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.”

How many times have stories been told about chasing specialist after specialist, and having to see a long line of Physicians, being poked, prodded and tested trying to find the reason someone isn’t feeling well. In that person’s  heart of hearts they know that something is wrong but this is the role healthcare as assumed over the years. We also hear stories of being fine one day and near death the next where blatant systems of the body are in danger but somehow went undiagnosed. This in no way is my personal opinion of Western medicine as this is where my training began; but if done with accuracy and attention to detail, there is room for both Eastern and Western philosophies to become unified in a person’s health and wellness regime.

In a Military structure, people follow the directions of their direct chain of command. In the human body, herbalism has a built in “chain of command” that sends word to the General or Commandant (respectively), which is symbolic of the Primary structures of the human organism that makes us all human.

Structures like the Heart, Lungs,Brain and Bone, are some examples of a commanding officer such as a General, Captain, Lieutenant etc. While the systems of the body, such as endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic etc. are the enlisted ranks from Private (E-1), to the highest enlisted rank of Sergeant Major (E-9).

In herbalism, the there is a delicate balance between the structure and the systems of the body and how each files into formation based on directives and potential for a forward deployment. When the body senses an imbalance or attack, it gets the word out to both the systems and the structures alike.

It does this through open ended communication letting everyone know that something has gone awry. Both the structures and systems make ready to man their post in systemic cadence with one another. This is done in the event they go to war and communication between the cells of the body ensues. The major structures are on high alert while the systems launch a well calculated attack upon the enemy (in this case, the imbalance or intrusion within the body). Herbalism, in a similar respect, addresses both the formation and the function of the entire being.


Nothing in the changing of one’s life is done well through shortcuts

Many people nowadays are accustomed to reaching for pills such as antibiotics and sleeping pills, for example; which hinders the body’s natural immunity and chemical compounds that will eventually remedy itself.

For this reason, people say that herbalism is ineffective, but given the correct patient education, reinforcement, and understanding of the mechanisms at work;  the holistic approach and recommendations from a qualified herbalist will empower the individual to not only take charge of their health and wellness but their whole state of health.

While herbalism doesn’t subscribe to a ‘shortcut’ mentality, it does assist you with the remedies to maximize the effencialy in your bodies ability to function optimally and resist unwanted intrusions.

The result is the individuals energy and somatic complaints improves dramatically as well as brings them into a state of harmony and functionality.


Full Service Apothecary

Holistic living is a lifestyle, and my approach is one that fosters these changes with very few implications into the manner and methods used, or difficulty in adaptation.

We offer a full service apothecary, herbalist services, plant based nutrition and aromatherapy at the Unruly Mystic Herbal Company.

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