Sybil of the Rhine Custom Tea Blends


“With nature’s help, humankind can set into creation all that is necessary and life sustaining.”

~ Saint Hildegard von Bingen



Throughout history, herbal preparations have been given to those in need of improved health and healing. Whether it be for hormone regulation, insomnia, depressive symptoms, as well as numerous acute and chronic conditions; the long term effects are both lasting and uplifting energetically. At a very fundamental level, custom blended herbal tea (or tisane as they are most notably called) are a well crafted collection of herbs that act synergistically to achieve a desired outcome.

Herbal tisanes are are utilized to suit the needs of  body, mind, and spirit. This is known as plant energetics. The energetics of a plant simply refers to the mechanism of action the plant and/or herbal preparation has to address the areas within the body that need attention. A custom blended tea preparation is individualized to your specific needs. This allows you to nurture and care for your health with the freedom and flexibility of not worrying about harmful effects, potentiative factors that are often a common denominator with the pharmaceutical industry and safety.



Herbs were the first medicines known to mankind so they must be treated as such. A consultation from a qualified herbalist is essential in finding the right herbs for consumption. Herbal teas are taken with relative safety. They are mass produced and in nearly every supermarket, convenience store and health food store.

Many store bought herbal teas are not organic, the serving size is generally not potent enough to create the changes to health that are sought after and are dispersed with fillers, added sugars and preservatives. The true flavors of many herbs are strong and often not palatable. The mass produced teas make a herbs that are generally not used for drinking taste good which often negates the therapeutic action of the herb in its true medicinal formulation.

This is not to say there are no benefits to store bought teas but a tea that is custom made tailors the herbal preparation specific to your needs in the right amount to achieve balance. The active chemicals of a plant is the causative factor healing that targets a specific effect on the body.  This is known as the plant constituents.


Plant Mechanics

The synergy of a custom blended tisane means how the plants true medicinal actions interact with other plants to have the direct outcome desired for your specific bodily needs. The theory of synergy states that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

In herbal medicine, this means that taking two herbs together will often have more of a beneficial effect than taking both herbs separately. For example, someone might have difficulty sleeping and try taking valerian before bedtime and find that it doesn’t really work for them. They might then try taking passionflower instead, and find that passion flower also does not help them fall asleep. If they took valerian and passionflower together, the valerian-passionflower formula would be more likely to help them fall asleep than taking either herb, separately

Synergy works between different plants, but it can also happen within a plant itself! This is why it is often wiser to take a whole herb rather than a supplement containing only one of the herb’s constituents. Take the other constituents away, and the herb doesn’t have as powerful an effect. Within one herb, constituents work together to create a balancing effect in the body, preventing side effects that a single constituent might cause. When constituents are taken apart from each other as in herbal supplements and pharmaceuticals, they are more likely to cause undesired side effects.


Drink to your health

Herbal tisanes can be consumed either hot or cold depending on preference and can address numerous problematic areas simultaneously. The benefits of drinking a tisane for overall health and vibrancy are as individualized as the custom blend itself. In drinking your daily tisane, the biochemistry of the plants medicinal benefits becomes a union  with your body, mind and spirit. This is the very nature of the transformative aspects of healing.

Extracting plant constituents into a more easily absorbed medium grants our bodies easier access to medicinal properties. Using water, the universal solvent, to make tea is a time-honored tradition of herbalism: a simple, enjoyable, and effective way to deliver the water-soluble properties of plants.

We carry pre blended herbal teas in our shop as well as a full service apothecary for various tinctures, salves and herbal oils.