Unruly Mystic Herbal Apothecary


“Just as the flowers grow from the earth, so the remedy grows in the hands of thy physician. The remedy is nothing but a seed that must develop into that which it is destined.”

~ Paracelsus



the words apothecary is derived from apotheca, meaning a place where wine, spices and herbs were stored.

During the thirteenth century it came into use in this country to describe a person who kept a shop stocked with these commodities. In 80% of the world’s population, plant-based medicine IS primary health care. It is often referred to as ‘Medicine of the People.’

Throughout history,village wise women, medicine men, healers, and midwives have utilized common, local plants for wellness.  While traditions have evolved over the years, the herbal apothecary has stayed relatively the same.

Whether it’s a nourishing tea, a medicinal tincture, specific nutrition guidelines or a topical compress or salve, among other items; the herbalist relies on a well stocked  apothecary to address holistic health and wellness with the art and the heart of intention based healing in the forefront.


Our herbal apothecary

Our apothecary offers both holistic and herbal remedies that embrace full circle wellness on one’s journey to health and wellness.

All remedies are carefully selected and crafted by the clinical herbalist with all natural 100% organic ingredients.


Our Heyoka Life shop

offers ready made products available for purchase.

We provide a full range of herbalist services including client education, custom blended herbal remedies for purchase with consult and a monthly subscription box to learn about wildcrafting and plant based living.


Herbal remedies are constructed from the active constituents of a plant, thus are considered medicine.

Before taking any herbal remedy you are unfamiliar with, it is important to consult with your medical doctor as well as a qualified herbalist to inform of current medications, diagnoses or issues with systemic functioning .


Disclaimer: Our apothecary is not intended to be a substitute for your medical provider as we do not diagnoses, treat, cure, prevent or manage any conditions in the exact manner that a Medical Doctor will. The actions of any plant remedy is largely unregulated thus as a disclaimer, herbal remedies have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and you as the consumer will be taking these herbal products at your own risk.