Combat Connection


“I am a soldier, I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight.”

~ General George S. Patton



Combat and yoga…   

are the Combat Connection’s Yin and Yang.

Our lives have changed, which is a difficult reality to grasp.

Both the internal battle of feeling utterly powerless versus the “Once fearless, always fearless” attitude and the reality of coming home after being “down range” are far more challenging than ever imagined.

The selfless sacrifices we have made in great magnitudes have taken a toll on our bodies, our minds, and our hearts.

This is WHO we are,

yet we are quick to dismiss it. Our coping skills in civilian life have become problematic.

We often think, “combat was easy, being home is too difficult.” Our deeply rooted internal war that was brought home with us of anger, unwanted memories, emotions and lack of sleep causes us to further withdraw from the people, places and things we cherish the most.



Scars both inside and out. We are stronger than the opposing force that created them. Period.

Understanding our life has changed is the beginning of understanding we are far from powerless and are still able to conquer anything. The skills and drills of training, the mental clarity, focus, and mindset of mission readiness will help us once again. Even the “hurry up and wait” (the notorious Military way) and the distress tolerance of combat are used in your healing.


The fire, focus and fight

we needed in combat are the same skills we use to provide us with strength. The breath, focus and clarity of staying “frosty” will transfer into your life “today” and heal you, both internally and externally.

Our once second nature skills are the same skills you will need and use to create a lifestyle that will empower, heal, and strengthen you from the inside out, without needing your “head on a swivel” regardless of your health, mindset or injuries.


What to Expect

This is not a “fireside chat” type of fitness or yoga. You will receive a completely individualized plan based on you and your body mechanics and injuries (internally and externally). We will help you learn proper form, technique and the tools to heal.


We offer…

adaptive fitness and/or yoga in a private environment for all types of combat related injuries ranging from paraplegia, TBI, MST, amputations to PTSD. We have a strong working knowledge of the Military, Outposts and FOB’s. We are experienced in medical management in Theatre systems, wounded warrior management from the time and place of the injury and the entire continuum to home and re-integration. The key of success is continuing and maintaining our “new life” in our body and mind. We work to recapture the mind-body connection we learned and used before to empower us and provide us with the strength to expand, build and take our life back. It is the Yin and Yang we understand that empowers us to conquer.


It is YOUR life, YOUR mission, YOUR decision and YOUR skills.
Take your life back.
Never give up.
VETS helping VETS.