Integrative Healing Methods






…is that which understands the connection of energy between the physical body and the spiritual body. Some people justify their inability to understand this energy or connection with their belief systems they were raised with. Just as a cut, scrape, or scratch can be both seen, and felt, and contributes to physical suffering; the yoga and /or  energetic union of emotions also contributes to both physical as well as psychological suffering.

Suffering takes place on many  levels. There is physical pain, discomfort and dis-ease that comes from an imbalance or disruption to the physical body. There is also emotional pain that stems from the human psyche and matters of the heart. Then, there is the matter of the overlap of the two, where the physical affects the emotional and vice versa. Science offers extensive data that proves this theory and has shown a direct connection between physical pain and suffering and the human mind and spirit.


The 4 Pillars of Life

Integration is the constructs between the mind, body, spirit and soul respectively. These are what I have coined as the 4 pillars of life. and When there is an intrusion, disruption or imbalance centralized to one location the other 3 areas rush to maintain homeostasis.

When the body has a viral infection, the immune system develops responses within the human body to bring it back into balance. We are a physical cellular organism so when there is an attack, the other cells in the body rush in to obliterate the virus. In medicine, there are numerous tests that show the imbalance. Tests that measure and quantify and can pinpoint the exact location of the distress with relative ease and efficiency.

The human psych continues to be somewhat of an enigma as there are no 2 people completely identical in every aspect of the 4 pillars. If a person has and organic issue such as decreased serotonin when know that most likely they are suffering from depression ( both clinical and/or situational). We also know that if someone suffered a penetrating head wound to the prefrontal cortex that they more than likely suffer with poor impulse control and bouts of intense emotions. The exact cause of one person’s resiliency over another is often a mystery especially when we are referring to the human psyche. Another example would be in the military combat environment. Some combat veterans experience extreme post traumatic stress while their ‘battle buddy’ that experienced the exact same set of stressors both physical and psychological in the war has few to no symptoms of post traumatic stress.

There are some that attribute these qualities to the soul of that person, the souls journey and destiny; while others take a more scientific stance to looking at the chemical makeup and other factors that make up what science calls the human genome (the human being from a physical and functional standpoint).


We are all elaborately interwoven complex beings

This eludes to that fact that our experiences in life with situations concerning the heart, situations of the core beliefs while in the formative years, genetic and cultural predispositions both mold and shape our experiences; including how we view and interpret life. Our experiences in life further impact our core processing systems of  safety, trust, power, control , esteem and intimacy. These all have components that are both physical and mental. The realization that the physical body is energetically interwoven with mind, spirit and soul is where methods of integrative healing helps bridge any gaps in moving forward with life, combats destruction to areas of the human experience (not to eliminate suffering), but often times by addressing the human experience as a whole complete being; we can progress further in ways we were once seemingly stuck and change our coping mechanisms to increase our overall resiliency.

Healing outcomes are achieved in stages throughout the integrative healing methods throughout this website. What brought you to this stage in life is one that only you and God fully understand. This in no way means that you have to have a strong belief system or particular religious stance, though in many cases, it does provide a source of help and comfort that only faith can produce.

Manifestation of these outcomes does not occur by twinkling your nose, clicking your heels three times or waving a magic wand. It happens by the fortitude you gain by progressing through dimensions of your own growth when and how you are ready. Sometimes we hear suggestions, but will not act on them because there is perhaps more discovery need before tru healing can manifest. Sometimes are path becomes derailed through no true fault of our own, but what is learned from that derailment is often times more profound than the actual change.

As these levels progress, there is an interlocking function much like pieces of a puzzle, which are brought together in a way that the human brain struggles to comprehend at the most basic level. The psychological pain that comes from delving into the intangible makes even the strongest of the strong run for cover. This is how the subconscious mind functions.When it senses danger, it can often times throw up self sabotaging barriers without any forewarning. This process can go one for years, and sometimes the better part of a lifetime until you connect the heart and the mind together as one. Doing so will allow you the unique ability to approach the subject of healing and personal growth from a much higher perspective, and it is THAT perspective which is crucial in manifesting a desired outcome.

When you begin to trust in your hearts ability to supersede the mind, and vice versa; the manifestation puzzle is not nearly as complex. As your growth cycle comes to a place of completion in that particular phase of development, the time for reflection can also be a time that creates instability, much like someone who has fought in the war and come home relatively unscathed while his closest friends managed to perish. There is a realization that there is truly a higher protective being that kept him from meeting his demise.While reflection is meant for the human psyche can  connect and catch up, often times it can feel as though there has been no change whatsoever. This journey can sometimes give way to prolonged suffering due to conditioned responses developed and learned throughout life. As a result, the very nature of the change process is one that is wrought with fear, disillusionment and destructive practices.

The human psyche is a very powerful tool that can aid in healing or be equally as destructive to humanity. This power of human thought, is often fought with due to the very nature of thought conduction as it manifests in various aspects of the human condition. Whether it’s believed to be strong will, or mind over matter; it’s one that must be tempered in a suitable way that allows for a reintegration process of the new thought, new belief systems and new structural guidelines that you and only you adhere to.

As you develop an understanding of the growth-change-healing cycles you experience, you begin to unlock the door to the inner workings of your personal Book of Life. This is the location where your personal key of answers lies to all the questions and structural confines you have battled with as well as the dynamic context in which you live. Your personal Book of Life, when accessed with reverence and safety will help you release destructive patterns and view the constructs of your life from a much higher vantage point. This is also referred to as an Akashic records reading.

Each integrative healing method is a virtual key that unlocks a door in which only you can go through. As each phase of your development comes to fruition, so too will the understanding of characteristics of your human behavior and your conditioned responses which shapes your view of how you experience the world.


I am happy to address and questions you may have via a private and confidential consult to see what can assist you in you quest for a life of fully integrated wellness.