Akashic Records


“Behold, I have foretold you all things…”  ~Mark 13:23


The Book of Life


The akashic records are most notably known as your personal Book of Life. This is actually it’s true name in Bible but Society has adopted the name of Akashic records from India.

The term ‘Akashic’ came from the Sanskrit word “akasha” which means boundless of time and space. Historically, from the very beginning, as it is referenced in both the Old and New Testament; there were celestial tablets in existence, where it was said that the mighty hand of God wrote everything that transpires on Earth. Biblical theology has been proven time and time again, and thus the Bible has more proof than ever before as to it’s validity.

The first mention of the ‘Akashic’ records was in the Book Of Exodus which chronicled the life of Moses. This is the earliest recorded awareness of man regarding a personal Book of Life. In addition to historical information, it was also discovered that these heavenly tablets also contained spiritual information for the continued growth of both the Heavens and the Earth alike.

A person’s Book of Life contains the entire transcript of his/her life and is not intended to be viewed by others without very specific reasons or circumstances. Like most everything else here, accessing your Book of Life is intention based. Even then, there is a Divine structure in place to prevent any unnecessary disruptions to the path which brought you into the world and the same path that allows you to experience life in the world.


Roll the dice and hope for the best

This sounds crass, but unfortunately this has been my experience as someone who has chosen to live a life involving deep profound healing, and the professionals I have encountered while understanding my journey. This, in no way means that everyone is wrong, and I am right. The truth of the matter is; I have encountered many who claim to have had my best interest at heart. Only a select few took the time to truly understand me, or the exact nature of that which was the basis for my suffering.

Unfortunately, today’s society is one that has watered down principles within the East meets West philosophies. This is most easily noted, for example, by the direction yoga has taken in the last fifty years (give or take) and the production of yoga teachers similar to that of an assembly line. The same holds equally as true for those that are interested in developing their intuition to a greater extent and buy into the concept that they were meant to foretell the future to all who come in their path. Being a gifted surgeon, for example requires education, training and an extended residency and not everyone is cut out for such a rigorous occupation. The patient – doctor relationship is one of deep trust with your life or the lives of your family, as well as trust in his/her skillset.

While these may seem like two extremes, all too often people are roped into thinking that just because someone is a medium, or is a practitioner of the healing arts; they in turn, are automatically to be trusted with whatever it is that is said during a metaphysical reading, or that “you too can become a professional psychic by following these three simple steps.”


A person is a complex organism

This liquidation of principles has turned many forms of healing into a gimmick, propaganda or status symbol which has negatively impacted the true benefits of spiritual practices in their original form. Society has a whole, has intertwined a quick fix mentality with ancient techniques of healing, resulting in convoluting the purity and exact principles of the practice. The end result is a generation with limited coping mechanisms, poor emotion modulation, and a society that by in large feels unsafe in their native environments. Sad…

There are many people out there that will falsely claim to have the ability to read your akashic record and tack on their personal agendas that are not necessarily for your highest and greatest good. This falls on the heels of poor personal, professional and spiritual boundaries and ethics. While I generally do not make it a habit to take the inventory of another, accessing YOUR Book of Life is one that can have serious consequences if you or the professional performing the reading are not fully knowledgeable. Therefore, it is best to err on the side of caution with the deep reverence and humility that your Akashic records are deserving of.


Practicing Ahimsa

Much like the hippocratic oath of “first do no harm”, Ahimsa is the sanskrit term loosely translated for cause no injury, do no harm. This applies to the spiritual self as well as the spirit of others. Having spiritual abilities is a gift that is sacred; as such, must be developed throughout life, protected, and nurtured so they can function in the role of helping others.

Simply put, it is a true calling that is individual in nature. The fundamentals of spiritual growth, discernment, and development are prominent structures of a truly sacred calling. Unfortunately, there are few who truly understand the energy of the spiritual dimensions and are lacking the ability to practice energetic discernment in their communication with those in the spiritual dimensions. As a result, this can lead to information that can cause unintentional harm rather than deliberate help.


Discovering your life’s purpose

The interested in unearthing the souls true journey, the destiny and purposeful life meaning is approaching an all time high. The biggest stressor people encounter is wanting all the answers to their Life’s mystery in the shortest amount of time possible. Many are emphatically constipated when left to their own devices of figuring things out or letting them naturally unfold. There is a free will run riot mentality of the manner in which difficult life circumstances are handled that often overrides the intellect of both the spirit of the human being and the soul the human being incarnated from.

There is a heightened interest in the discovery of past lives, the concept of understanding the nature of true karma and discovering the link, if any, to the ancestral lines but no true understanding of how these factors play into the function of personal life circumstances. At the other end of the spectrum lies an extremely dangerous trap many fall into after receiving false information about past lives, ancestral family, and life purpose in relation to Karma that is used as a scapegoat to avoid the responsibility of living a life that is filled with discovery, hope and true authenticity.


What is a Soul Contract

The Book of Life is your soul’s trusted, ironclad contract that is executed at the time of your incarnation. An Akashic reading is one that can (if done effectively) provide profound insight into your life cycle  that outlines past present and future events and all paths and variable that affect them. Just as the GPS in your car can give you several option of going from one place to the other, your Book of Life explores each path in greater detail. It’s important to understand the adage of re-writing your story or history in the making when it comes to any work done within the hall of records about your life.

Nowadays, there is a great deal of propaganda out there advertising the ability to change history in the making by accessing your souls Book of Life. This is not something that should be entered into lightly, and it is certainly not something you would want other people to have carte blanche in accessing. As said earlier, this is your souls contract and is best approached with the reverence, humility and purest of heart when accessing it.


what does an Akashic record reading provide

When you request a reading, I will ask you just a few simple questions as this is essential for me to access your sacred contract. I will ask you your full birth name and birthdate as well as demographic information. I will also ask for the reason (s) why you are choosing this type of reading over another type of reading that are also beneficial. This brings me to the third and final question which is , What are you hoping to take away from this experience? Additionally, is there any information that you do NOT wish to be made aware of. After receiving the information, I will have a short 30 minute conversation with you remotely or by telephone and inform you of the reading process.

I will spend 3 sessions by myself accessing and writing down important aspects that your soul and your primary guardian in spirit conveys to me. After this is done, you and I will meet for  2 sessions  that are 90 minutes in duration each to discuss your souls contract while here on earth, distinct patterns that need a gentle push in the most direct direction as well as the various aspects of health, healing, family, occupations etc. You will also be taught how to access the information brought forward on your own.

It is advisable to have a three month follow up to see how things are transforming, then another follow up after 9 months to 1 year  after your initial reading. Here, we review the instructions given such as the nuts and bolts of the reading, discuss changes made, or continued difficulties with certain aspects of understanding.

You will become more adept at exactly how you view and perceive the world and what, if anything you can manifest to assist you on your path of healing and wellness.

You will develop a far richer experience in life as the spiritual lessons of your celestial texts unfold, while you traverse through both the good times and the more mundane aspects that bring forth stabilization.

You will have a deeper understanding of your unique destiny and working knowledge of your past life cycles and struggles encountered in those lives and the lessons both learned and mastered as well as those which still need a deeper contextual baseline of understanding.

Last,but certainly not least; you will be able to redirect destructive paths before they evolve into a lifestyle or manner that is not for your highest and greatest good.

The unraveling of  your souls journey will allow you to embrace a life experience that is more meaning than ever thought possible, efficiency and empowerment into the various aspects of life that require more clarity, and foster a deeper connection and understanding of all that makes you an energetic being.


Empowering you to decide

I have written a great deal of information regarding the spiritual practices and pitfalls of those who are and are not gifted in the spiritual healing arts. In a perfect world, the healing arts are practiced with little to no ego of the practitioner and the focus is entirely on you as the person seeking this very specific level of guidance.

The person accessing you soul’s destiny should be someone that you are comfortable allowing them into the inner workings of not just your physical life, but into your human psyche and spirituality as well.

This practitioner will have access to very pertinent albeit very sensitive information about you… take a moment and really ponder this before you are impulsively driven to jump on the bandwagon into this style of reading.

You can just as easily get answers to questions you have about life, occupation, family, soul connections, etc that could easily be discovered in an intuitive style of reading while your autonomy and fragile nature of specific life altering details are blocked from the view of the reader.

Boundaries are healthy. They allow you to be comfortable and safe in your own skin and prevent destructive vulnerability until which time you are ready to explore a deeply rooted and profound level of healing.

I am humbled, honored and excited to be a part of your commitment to fulfilling your soul’s true destiny but I do have the responsibility of educating you about the sensitive nature of such a reading and all that this entails. It is not to be embarked upon haphazardly.

I am also more than happy to discuss with you other styles of readings that would be suitable and beneficial to your specific needs, questions, or integrative approach to healing.


Please feel free to contact me for a consultation.