EVA Healing


“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer



Energetic vibrational alignment healing (E.V.A.)  is a combination of energy healing techniques that encompasses the body, the mind, the spirit and soul (4 pillars of life). This hands-on healing technique encompasses various forms of Reiki ,angelic channelled healing, shamanism, medical intuitive techniques, and work with your individual master healers to provide optimal balance and harmony. This involves the restructuring of your energetic alignment in a way that goes beyond the basic chakras. EVA redirects and releases stagnant energy systemically throughout the body, mind and the spirit and increases the body’s innate ability to heal with the help of your higher self A.K.A the soul.


Energetic Alignment and Frequency

As we go through various stages in our life, we have endured illness, traumas, injuries (to name but a few) to every aspect of our being which in turn causes a term known in shamanism as “soul fragmentation”. The release of stagnant and destructive energy is paramount with any type of energetic frequency work embarked upon. Much like yoga heals chronic injuries and teaches the mind to focus (and heal), EVA addresses your energetic balance to assist with deep rooted healing.

As a healer of various modalities most of my life, I have taken the most effective components of each and combined them in to one masterful technique.

This type of healing modality is best suited for those with a host of three or more maladies in either category (body, mind, spirit); up to and including entity attachment and demonic possession.

Specifically, EVA addresses the concomitant aspects of each part of your being through the process of discovery, release and realignment.


What to expect

You will experience a comprehensive 90 minute diagnostic-healing session with a discussion afterwards of findings.

This will provide you with a detailed assessment much like a blueprint of your personalized care protocol. You will be empowered to both understand and maintain the dynamics of your growth, health and energetic vibration.


I provide in person sessions at my location in Northern Alabama. Please contact to schedule a consult. Appointments can be scheduled on a convenient day and time as I am available Monday through Saturday.