Heyoka Life Intuitive Development Membership Program


“Primum non nocere”

 Above all, do no harm   ~ Hippocrates



Intuition is your own innate messaging system to connect with sentient beings.

Sentient beings are composed of the five aggregates, or skandhas: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness.

All human beings have what’s known as intuition. It is your souls ability to connect with your unique messaging system to lead, guide, direct, touch, and heal.

Understanding that we are all energy in various forms of matter is the fundamental nature of developing your ability to both receive and understand clear guidance in the most transformative methods.



This is just the beginning to a life filled with the Light of the Divine

Perhaps you’ve had moments of clear knowledge about a topic or situation but have no understanding of how you know this information.

You may have heard or even felt a non physical being warn you to “get out of the way” in cases of danger or even found yourself safe and unharmed after an accident with no understanding of how you came out of it virtually unscathed.

You may have a sense of foreboding when tragedy is about to strike such as Sickness or illness and maybe even a death of someone you know or have met.


You may think that your gut instincts are always spot on

You may have dreams that have been a catalyst or premonition of events that later came to fruition or you may sense the energy and feelings of others emotions and experience them as your own.

The list is long of examples and circumstances that present themselves in someone’s life that cause them to pause and take notice of events that are somewhat difficult to describe to other human beings.

When experiencing the intangible, it’s easy to think it’s stress or your mind playing tricks on you, but in many cases, this is spirit reaching out to help you connect with your own messaging system.


We are all conduits of energy but some are more prone to experience and understand this energy easier than others.

Whether you call yourself psychic, an empath, a channel or a healer; you are unearthing your God given gift of understanding energy and the messages of your Higher consciousness.


Your gifts are Divinely unique and unlike anyone else

There is a responsibility that comes with having spiritual gifts, and that responsibility is one of personal growth and understanding about communications with the higher realms.

Just as there are no two identical fingerprints , the same holds true for the ability to connect and communicate with those in Spirit. How you perceive energy is likely to grow and develop in a way and manner that is completely different than someone else. Some people were born with these abilities and develop them throughout life, while others first become aware of their abilities later on, perhaps after a near death experience, tragedy, loss, childbirth, or extended illness to name but a few examples.

Whatever the case may be, there is a benefit to having a basic understanding of the fundamentals your unique messaging system.

We will meet remotely via zoom or facetime for approximately 60 minutes to check in and discuss tools specific to you  in areas of your growth and development, reading for others, connecting with your personal team of sentient beings and  business coaching if wanted.


Each monthly session:

  • you will receive directly channeled  guidance from your specific spiritual team.
  • You will become part of a closed online community with like minded individuals on facebook where you can practice explore and grow together
  • weekly group meetings for question and answer
  • channeled messages and lectures regarding Spirit communication
  • Divination techniques and skill development
  • written material on the development of all your senses
  • and channeled guided meditations
  • you will receive individual channeled readings at a discounted price while you are in the membership program

Should you be interested in delving deeper into you unique messaging system known as your intuition and Spiritual gifts I can be contacted directly through email.

You may also purchase individual development sessions or readings outside of the membership program through the Heyoka Life shop at the standard rates.