Shamanic Reiki


“As you walk upon the sacred earth, treat each step as a prayer.”

~ Black Elk


Two deeply rooted practices merged together

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing that exist today and Reiki is just as deeply rooted.

Shamans are healers with the ability to connect with the Spirit world, and travel to alternate realities to receive insight, wisdom and power for the betterment of humanity. Shamans call upon the the essential forces of nature, spiritual elders, they extract harmful intrusions, and balance energy through drums, rattles and other sound healing techniques as well as move stagnant energy.

Reiki calls upon the Divine light of all creation through the use of symbols in a spiritual state of consciousness to heal, move energy, and balance the energetic alignment of the person, group, place or situation and uses the practitioner as an energetic healing conduit that comes from attunement in intention based healing.

Both are powerful agents of intention based healing and change, both are mediators between the physical and spiritual worlds, and both are responsible for keeping the juxtaposition between balance between people and nature.


We are pure energy

As energetic beings, Shamanism and Reiki are closely interwoven within the intention based healing arts. Both practices were initially confined to indigenous and highly spiritual cultures but during the past few decades, the healing arts of both shamanism and reiki have migrated into all cultures, socio economic structures and virtually all structural mindsets.

Shamanic Reiki is on the cutting edge of self help

People have flocked to shamanic reiki as the boon to self help industry has taken the world by storm. Westerners have grasped the concepts of the Eastern philosophies in order to seek and find answers into their souls true healing journey and answers to their life’s problems.


Your Healing Basket

Shamanic reiki is the merging of  two extremely powerful healing modalities into one intention based healing mechanism to release, balance and restore the body mind, spirit and soul to the  persons optimal state to self heal.

This is called your healing basket. A body of knowledge you collect every time you incorporate energy healing into concrete learning, and expression of intention, or personal experience that adds to personal wisdom, insight, or techniques to communicate with your unique energetic messaging system.


Spiritual Signposts

None of us wish for suffering, pain, destructive habits, or wish to live in a manner that does not feed or nourish our life. Shamanic reiki adapts to the present day needs and fosters a continuity in every aspect of day to day existence. Whether the circumstances of disruption is acute, chronic, or you simply wish to maintain a life that establishes a balance and increases the body’s own innate ability to to adapt; Shamanic Reiki will spark and cultivate this within you. Know thyself. Heal thyself.

I offer remote healing sessions as well as in person shamanic reiki. Please contact for more information and to set up an appointment. I offer packages of either three healing sessions, singular sessions or monthly maintenance sessions in the Heyoka Life Shop